A very small selection of this week’s interesting blog posts:

  • Effect Measure is staying on top of the news of a swine flu outbreak; 16 of 61 apparent flu deaths in Mexico have been confirmed as swine flu, and 8 people in the US have been diagnosed with swine flu and have recovered.
  • Ezra Klein examines some of the many health- and environment-related amendments added to the Senate budget bill, and invites readers to help him dig through the amendments list.
  • Lisa Suatoni at Switchboard applauds three US actions addressing the problem of ocean acidification.
  • Alison Bass reports that some psychiatrists aren’t happy with the recent criticisms of researchers with financial ties to the makers of pharmaceutical products they’re studying.

I don’t have nearly enough time to keep up with all the great blogging that’s going on. If you’ve got a post to suggest, leave a link in the comments!