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One of our favorite bloggers, BrooklynDodger, has returned to blogging after an extended break. Dodger is a scientific paper hawk, finding and commenting on important papers in journals we wish we had time to read.

We always learn something in Dodger’s posts.  Recently, for example, he had this (and more) to say about a new toxicology study on titanium dioxide nanoparticles:

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One of the benefits of blogging at The Pump Handle is connecting with people who have first-hand experience with our nation’s inadequate public health protection system.  We’ve heard from parents and wives who appreciate us writing about their loved ones’ fatal on-the-job injuries, and federal employees who share their unique experiences with how scientific information is used (or misused) in public health decision-making.  Today, I’d like to introduce you to Mrs. Patty Sebok, who I first “met” a few months ago through a blogpost at Gristmill.  We’ve been exchanging emails since then about her work with Judy Bonds at Coal River Mountain Watch, an organization battling powerful economic and powerful Goliaths that which support mountaintop removal mining.

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Cross-posted at Effect Measure by Revere

Tonight The Reveres are putting on their party clothes and headed for Jordan Barab’s place, Confined Space. Truthfully, this party is also a wake, because Jordan is closing up shop tonight and has invited everyone over (that means you, too) to celebrate his last post. We’ll be gathering in the Comment Thread. That’s the bad news. Here’s the good news. Read the rest of this entry »

by revere

[This is another cross-post from Effect Measure but it fits here because it lays out some of the history of the progressive public health blogosphere and welcomes The Pump Handle as its newest — and we hope brightest — member!]

This weekend is Effect Measure’s Second Blogiversary and it coincides with two other events: the new Flu Wiki Forum and the incipient debut of a new progressive public health blog, The Pump Handle, to which The Reveres will be occasional contributors (some original posts, some cross posts). We are semi-thrilled to still be around after two years. Semi-thrilled, because two years is a long-time in the blogosphere, especially if you blogged all 730 days of it. Just a few under 1500 posts all told. We know there are a lot of blogs more prolific than ours and older. Our hats are off to them, because we know it’s hard work. If we had known just how hard, we probably wouldn’t have started it. The Reveres are still bickering about who got us all into this. Assuming of course there is more than one Revere. If there’s only one, then he/she/it is working too hard. One thing we’ll admit to. There’s only one at a time.

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