Nearly four decades after the passage of the Occupational Safety & Health Act, it is difficult to find anyone who will argue that it has delivered on its promise to provide safe and healthful working conditions. Dr. Michael Silverstein, a professor of environmental and occupational health at the University of Washington’s School of Public Health and a former Director of Policy for the OSHA (1993 – 1995), spent several months talking with people with experienced in worker health and safety to gather ideas about what we can do to protect workers better.

Dr. Silverstein summarized what he learned in a draft paper, and The Pump Handle hosted an online discussion of it in January 2007 (here, here, and here). This feedback helped Dr. Silverstein revise the paper, and it has now been published in the American Journal of Public Health: “Getting Home Safe and Sound: Occupational Safety Health Administration at 38” (PDF).