One of our readers passed along a reminder that CDC and ATSDR’s first “National Conversation on Public Health and Chemical Exposures” web dialogue is going on right now. From April 5-7, online participants will discuss topics introduced each morning by session moderators. Here’s the description of what the National Conversation is, and what kind of participation the agencies seek:

The National Conversation aims to strengthen the nation’s approach to protecting the public from harmful chemical exposures. Everyone who has an interest in this subject is welcome to join the conversation. Your ideas will help the National Conversation Leadership Council create an action agenda for achieving the National Conversation vision that the United States will use and manage chemicals in ways that are safe and healthy for all people.

In order to provide useful information, we ask that registered individuals participate in two key ways:

  • Review resource information in the dialogue Library to become familiar with the issues that will be discussed
  • Thoughtfully share your values and priorities with others

If you’d like to participate in the next two days of this conversation, visit the web dialogue website to review the guidelines and register to join in.