Two recent articles (via the Above the Fold newsletter) have encouraging news about solvign the respiratory and climate problems caused by polluting stoves used in much of the developing world.

In Environmental Health Perspectives, Tina Adler focuses on a new effort by India’s government, which aims to sell 150 million cleaner, more-efficient stoves in rural communities over the next 10 years. The program seems to be committed to independent monitoring and evaluation – which is important, because getting people to use better stoves isn’t as simple as it might seem.

For Yale Environment 360, John R. Luoma examines the effects of soot on glacier melt in Asia’s Tibetan Plateau and the kinds of characteristics that improved stoves need in order to both be accepted by consumers and achieve their public-health goals. (The New Yorker also published a fascinating piece on the challenges of stove design in December, but it’s accessible only to subscribers.)

If you’re interesting in global health, climate change, or the importance of appropriate technology, these articles are well worth a read.