Earlier this week, I wrote about the countdown on OSHA’s website to the National Action Summit for Latino Worker Health and Safety (April 14-15) but noted the paucity of information about the what will actually occur at the event.  I’m pleased to report that the website now offers more details on what a participant can expect at the summit, including descriptions of the 10 concurrent workshops to be offered.  The sessions will address issues such as:

  • Worker rights as provided by the OSH Act and Wage & Hour requirements, especially for construction workers
  • Effective S&H educational materials and programs for Latino construction workers
  • On-the-job, high-quality training programs for Latino workers in construction, general industry and agriculture
  • The role of clinics, health departments and worker centers in identifying and preventing work-related injuries and illnesses
  • Effective strategies for communicating H&S messages to Latino workers

The OSHA website now announces “39 Days Left.”   With the new details provided by the Department of Labor, individuals who were on the fence about attending now have better information about whether the Latino Action Summit on Worker Health and Safety will be worth the investment of their time and resources.