Today, OSHA is holding “a public meeting to solicit comments and suggestions from OSHA stakeholders on key issues facing the agency.” Judging by the event web page, OSHA thinks one of the key problems to address is the inexcusable fact that so many workers are killed or injured on the job. Under the “OSHA Listens” heading is a line of photos of workers killed on the job – they’re from the United Support and Memorial for Workplace Fatalities’ Faces Campaign, and you can see more information about each one on USMWF’s home page. Below that, it reads, “No one should have to be injured or killed for a paycheck.”

The first panel of speakers will also remind all of the attendees of the toll of unsafe workplaces:

Tonya Ford, Uncle killed at ADM facility in 2009
Katherine Rodriguez, Father killed at British Petroleum in 2004
Wanda Morillo, Husband killed in a NJ industrial explosion in 2005
Celeste Monforton, American Public Health Association
Linda Reinstein, Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization

The meeting will be webcast – click here to listen for yourself.