Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) is urging Labor Secretary Solis to expedite rulemaking to protect workers from exposure to diacetyl.  In a letter dated November 25, the Senator writes:

“I am concerned that OSHA has not acted fast enough to compel employers to reduce workplace exposures to this deadly additive.”

and mentions Mr. Keith Campbell, a worker from Caledonia, Ohio who is suffering with bronchiolitis obliterans.

The Senator goes on

“I understand that the rulemaking process cannot be performed overnight.  However, it has been ten years since the danger of diacetyl was first documented.  I was pleased to hear that the report from the SBREFA panel…was completed and delivered to your office in July.  However, four months later, we have yet to see the next steps.”

For a recount of the events leading to Senator Brown’s call for action on diacetyl read the SKAPP case study on popcorn worker’s lung, and posts at

On Monday, Dec. 7 when Secretary Solis issues her regulatory agenda for the Labor Department, we’ll know OSHA’s proposed timetable for proposing a rule to protect workers to food-flavoring agents.