Coal and oil dominate the national conversation about energy, but we’d be remiss to forget about nuclear power. For one thing, we still have to figure out what to do with all of the nuclear waste we’ve created already. Nuclear power is also getting more attention as a power source that doesn’t pump greenhouse gases into the atmosphere the way fossil fuels do – we’d just have to figure out what to do with the radioactive waste, and whether we have enough water for the necessary cooling (simple, right?).

The New York Times’ Matthew L. Wald provides a useful source of information for anyone who needs to get up to speed on nuclear power and/or keep up with the latest developments. The top part of the page features the latest news involving nuclear power (from a number of sources); scroll below that for an easy-to-read explanation of what nuclear reactors do, what kinds of problems they’ve had, and how new proposed designs try to address the challenges.

UPDATE (10/21): A commenter points out that conversations about nuclear power as an energy source also need to consider the toll of uranium mining and milling. Dan Frosch’s NYT article “Uranium Contamination Haunts Navajo Country” explores the lasting damages of uranium mining on Navajo communities in Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah.