Once again, bloggers turn their keyboards to the economic crisis:


Maggie Mahar at Health Beat slams a New York Times editorial on Medicare’s decision to stop paying for “never” events like patient falls and bedsores.

Russ Walker at Gristmill calls for a constituency for climate action, to counteract Harry-and-Louise-type backlash the next administration will face.

Rob Goodspeed at The Goodspeed Update provides background on the transportation law that’s up for renewal next year and explains why it’s time to update the transit-funding model.

Lisa Frack at Enviroblog offers a handy summary of what it is that endocrine disruptors actually do (and why it’s scary).

Kaid Benfield at NRDC’s Switchboard considers what it takes for a community to support aging in place.

Maryn McKenna at Superbug has the latest news and recommendations on stopping hospital-acquired infections.

Emily Douglas at RH Reality Check brings us the word from international reproductive health experts who criticize a Bush administration attempt to halt contraceptive supplies to a family planning provider.