(Updated 3/7/08) 

OSHA announced yesterday that it sent letters to about 14,000 employers across the country, letting them know that their work-related injury rates are higher than the national average.  The Agency’s news release does not mention any company names, but an OSHA spokesperson told me that the list of employers will be posted on OSHA’s website tomorrow.  (Update 3/7: here’s the link to the zip file.)

Around this time last year, OSHA made a similar announcement and sent letters to employers (about 14,000).  I did a little examination of that data and identified some familiar company names: Lowe’s, Home Depot, United Parcel Service, Wal-Mart, and Harley-Davidson.  I also noted that the highest percentage of letters (23 percent) were sent to residential nursing care facilities.  Does anyone want to make a prediction about how the recipients of OSHA’s letter last year, faired in this year’s assessment? 

When the data becomes available tomorrow, I’ll let you know.  Or look for yourself and report back here.